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Your flexible arm

The SYTO Group offers balance between two continents with highly skilled, customized and dedicated (contract) packaging solutions for your unique needs.

Covid, Conflicts, Climate change. Three ‘disrupting C’s’ together have been determining how the world looks like for some time now, and in my opinion it’s time that we all need to  learn our lessons out of it. It’s time to bring balance in business. Balance between the Asian and European continent.

More brands are surging for rapid solutions to bring productions back to Europe. Others try to maintain what they have and hope it will pass by soon. We from SYTO believe there are some steps in between which can be taken. se steps gives everyone time to adop to new ways of cooperating. Balance will not bring more piece in the world but for sure give iece in mind and business. We already developed two “customized” balanced solutions to produce local to be a step in front of new problems. MADE IN EUROPE. Covid proofed how fragile we are betting on one country or a continent! The conflicts of today can divide us even more. Companies need to have a plan B strategy! Not having a plan B can put companies years back in time. Climate change is the real big C comparing to Covid and Conflict and a real end does not seem in sight if we don’t start balancing today. Balancing is a smaller step to start reducing CO2, transport cost and being prepared for the unprepared moments! It saves volume stock, offers more on time deliveries and helps to find the bealance in price. In the meantime you can save a lot of cost on bulk warehousing and keep easier money in the pocket too.

From promotional packs to seasonal packaging and new product launches, you tell us what you need. We offer comprehensive services, including:

  • Gift set packaging
  • Shelf-ready packaging
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Banding/sleeving
  • Re-work/Repacking
  • Retail pallet displays
  • Labelling/Bar code labelling
  • POS display
  • Flow Wrapping
  • Rigid box with inline fulfilment

We can source all kinds of packaging and offer next to our comprehensive services, strict quality controls, we can offer packaging services to industries where hygiene is a priority,

Our more and more customized packaging service is unequalled, located in Poland and can accommodate the needs of any product, of any size or shape. We’ve set up multiple partnerships with global brands, and made and still are making substantial investments into our facilities to support you even more!

More value to packaging

Our Promise: To be a better company, we need to do what we say.

We empower partners to take benefit of our promise “more value to packaging”. In this promise is our dedication to deliver solutions and a deeper understanding of our partners needs.

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Your flexible arm

Covid, Conflicts, Climate change. Three ‘disrupting C’s’ together have been determining how the world looks like for some time now, and in my opinion it’s time that we all need


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