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About SYTO Group

Who we are

The SYTO Group is a Champion League service provider. A true specialist in processing huge productions.

We work for the advent calendar market, (500.000 + pieces), the brand personal care market and brand packed food market but also for shopper marketing concepts and promotion and loyalty programs.

To play today in the Champions League as a co-packer, we have to have a high level of stress resilience.

Our brand customers expect maximum flexibility. In order to be able to process orders on time, capacities must be permanently available. Both in terms of space and personnel as well as in terms of machinery and capital.

SYTO is well known for our excellent quality and high service level. We deal with large amounts of goods in almost no time.

For these “mammoth jobs“, as we call them, we are your best choice.

With confidence we look forward to a cooperation.

The group has 3 packing companies in Europe


In the center of The Netherlands, nearby Utrecht. 2 hours to the South and North, 2 hours to the German border


Close to Poznan (80 km), close to Warsaw (350 km). Near the German border (110 km), 2 hours drive to Berlin.


60 km from Krakow, 350 km from Warsaw, 4 hours from Prague, Czech. Close to the South of Europe, Austria, Swiss, Bulgaria etc.

Syto NL

  • In the center of The Netherlands, nearby Utrecht
  • 2 hours to the South and North
  • 2 hours to the German border

Syto PL

  • Close to Poznan (80 km), close to Warsaw (350 km)
  • Near the German border (110 km)
  • 2 hours drive to Berlin

Syto Wadowice

  • 60 km from Krakow, 350 km from Warsaw
  • 4 hours from Prague, Czech
  • Close to the South of Europe, Austria, Swiss, Bulgaria etc.

In the group we have

employees onboard
home workers
stand-by employees
packing companies in Europe
Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audits
FSC Certification
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 22000:2018

Our platform

With the new direction, the SYTO Group wants to form a platform that delivers total solutions for our clients in packing, logistics and distribution.

Our objective is to continuously demonstrate and supply our customers with a variety of logistics services. Packing, co-making, warehousing and distribution operations. Contract warehousing, packaging development and value added services like: pick&pack, cross docking and track&trace.

Company profile

A deeper understanding of the needs of our clients

As a group we try to improve our business with professionalism, specialism in combination with a high service and want to anticipate to better understand the needs of our clients and its surrounding.

Since 2018, the SYTO group has put its focus on providing outstanding service and quality. More and more we see that companies do not take it so closely with agreements.


The SYTO group sets up high aims on sustainability. It is the green line in our new direction. We invest in the future. Our right of existence depends on it.

We work for a sustainable future, with a sustainable vision, sustainable processes and sustainable energy but don’t forget one important thing; without sustainable leadership it will not happen.

What is a co-packer?

Where it really comes down to is this: A co-packer is a service organization

We do what you can’t or don’t want to do anymore. We provide workers, materials, space and knowledge, to create or assemble the right product.

The coming years we stand of one of the most exciting and promising challenges of our time. If we can cooperate wisely!

Our promise

To be a better company, we need to do what we say. We empower partners to take benefit of our promise “more value to packaging”. In this promise is our dedication, to deliver solutions and have deeper understanding of our partner’s needs.

Core Values

The SYTO Group developed a clear philosophy concerning social responsibility and the future.  Values are very important to SYTO.

The continuous effort of studying our own moral beliefs, our moral conduct and striving to ensure that we and the institutions we help to shape live up to standards that are reasonable and solidly-based such as


We don’t compromise our standards and we don’t take any shortcuts


Concerning health and safety of our employees we keep the highest standards


to build not just a sustainable company but one led by a sustainable leadership

Trust and honesty

to give the best we have to offer – our trust and honesty


how we cooperate with people and how we develop our business relationships

Our slogan

To meet our customers’ needs and to be a better company, we need to do as we say.

We believe that the last pandemic and economic crisis strengthens our strategy and intensifies the demand of our slogan:

It’s a new slogan and a promise to our customers, partners and to our employees. It’s a promise we need to make to ourselves.

The slogan includes a lot more

Strategy focus

SYTO is becoming an international operating group, which delivers more value to everything we do. Most importantly the SYTO Group wants to be a successful company. This means; investing in growth and find balance between interests on the short term and long term.

It also means that we have to take the interests of our relations, employees, business partners and the world in which we live. That’s why we take our relations, which our activities can have influence on, very seriously.

A great reputation is important to us.

The SYTO Group reaches this by:

  • Increase our market position
  • Put sustainability as an integral part of our strategy
  • Develop key strategy initiatives for each platform
  • Delivering uncomplicated, time delivery of products and services, to market prices
  • Offering employees, training, coaching, more opportunities and personal growth
  • To be successful we have to keep ourselves to loyalty, integrity and respect for people and others business.

Our reputation

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