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What we do?

The SYTO Group forms a platform that delivers 360° solutions for our clients in packing, logistics, e-commerce and distribution.

Packing, co-making, warehousing and distribution operations. Contract warehousing, packaging development and value added services like: pick&pack, cross docking and track&trace.

Our unique value lies in our dynamic full service approach, removing all the worries and complexities associated with huge productions.

SYTO is also hired to fully supervise projects,  ensuring that everything goes according to agreement. We are a professional and solid service provider with a no-nonsense story.

Not just well-trained production teams, but also a dedicated, experience management team is required to handle complex customer projects.

This includes, e.g., comprehensive know-how in logistics management and expertise in packaging development.

Syto Services

How we do it?

We don’t want to say about ourselves that we are your best choice, but for large productions we dare to say…

We are a champions league top player in what we do – a trustworthy partner for any packing and confectioning related enterprise.

Years of experience let us just say:

Why work with us?

Top news from Syto

July 6, 2023
SYTO Wadowice, a leading co-packing company committed to delivering unparalleled solutions, is delighted to share a noteworthy milestone in our pursuit of excellence. We have successfully attained the highly regarded IFS Food certification, a prestigious achievement that underscores our unwavering...
January 30, 2023
The Dobry Zakątek Foundation plays a key role in providing shelter, assistance and a sense of belonging to Ukrainian refugees seeking security and stability. Syto's contribution has helped increase the foundation's ability to meet the diverse needs of the displaced...
December 22, 2022
Covid, Conflicts, Climate change. Three 'disrupting C's' together have been determining how the world looks like for some time now, and in my opinion it’s time that we all need to  learn our lessons out of it. It’s time to...
August 18, 2022
Outsourcing allows companies to focus on their core businesses. Studies show a direct, positive relationship between outsourcing support functions and the growth of market share of companies, it become a strategic tool. One of our added values is, to deliver...

Corporate Social Responsibility

To build a longer existence, we as a company decided to do more than just pack, serve and focus on profits alone.

Values as honesty, integrity, empathy, respect and ‘do-what-you-say’ are keeping our company in balance. These values we incorporate in our organizational policies. It is, what we call, „Our DNA”.