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Plastic-free flow-wrapping

That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind

First spoken over 50 years ago by NEIL AMSTRONG. These are the words that should forever altered the course of human history But is this true or we still have giant leaps to make?

In 2018 SYTO decided to stop flow wrapping in plastic which was a big leap for us. Saying no to plastic wrapping and not directly having the right experiences for going to 100% recyclable flow wrapping packaging. Still today, to many companies use fake looking paper foil packaging. It’s a paper look and feel print with an inside plastic layer.

As many packaging, often produced in Asia because it’s cheap. But is it cheap looking to the ecological damage looking to the CO2 footprint of overseas transport and then by truck?

Our message and it’s a bold one to say it this way;

STOP the unnecessary plastic and look and feel productions NOW

It’s a small step to take but a giant leap forward. There is no need for many products to be packed in plastic and can be done in 100% recyclable paper. Let’s force ourself to lower our footprint and start taking real responsibilities concerning waste productions and plastic packaging!

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