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Responsible pet ownership

Wolsztyn Adoption Center and "Karpickowe Sierotki"

Published on: July 21, 2022

Syto, a company dealing with corporate social responsibility, has been actively supporting Wolsztyńskie Centrum Adopcyjne and “Karpickowe Sierotki” for years. Through donations of pet food, accessories and fundraising for veterinary care, Syto is actively involved in important initiatives related to the quality of life of animals. In addition, Syto allows its employees to offer help at the shelter during working hours, demonstrating the company’s commitment to CSR, also as part of local initiatives.

Syto’s commitment to supporting the quality of life for pets goes beyond mere words as the company actively engages in initiatives that promote responsible pet ownership. For several years, Syto has been a valuable partner of the Wolsztyn Adoption Center and “Karpickowe Sierotek”, two organizations that tirelessly work to provide shelter, care and new homes for animals in need.

As part of its contribution, Syto regularly donates pet food and essential accessories to these organizations. Recognizing the importance of proper nutrition in the life of animals, Syto provides furry residents of the adoption center and “Karpickowe Sierotki” with access to high-quality food. These donations help reduce the financial burden on shelters by allowing them to allocate resources to other critical areas of animal care.

In addition to material donations, Syto actively participates in fundraising campaigns aimed at covering the costs of treating sick or injured animals. By organizing and supporting these initiatives, Syto contributes to ensuring that no animal is left untreated due to financial constraints. Thanks to the joint effort of employees and associates, the company tries to provide the necessary funds for veterinary care, giving the animals a chance to recover and find loving homes.

Syto goes a step further by allowing its employees to offer help at the shelter during working hours. This remarkable gesture demonstrates the company’s commitment to empowering employees to support causes they care deeply about. Whether it’s walking dogs, spending time with cats, or helping with various tasks at the shelter, Syto employees are actively involved in changing the lives of animals at the shelter.

By involving employees in hands-on volunteering experiences, Syto develops a sense of empathy and compassion among its employees. These initiatives not only benefit the animals, but also promote a positive work environment centered around shared values and a higher purpose. By setting the right example, Syto tries to encourage other companies to join their efforts, emphasizing the importance of working together to create a more compassionate society.

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Responsible pet ownership
Published on: July 21, 2022

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