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Corporate Social Responsibility

Practice what you preach

To many of us are choosing comfort over action and the destruction of planet and wildlife continuous. PPP stands today for People, Planet, Plastic = PROFIT.

The SYTO Group hopes that many of the catastrophe will ends so for as long as the SYTO Group will exists, we will continue to donate and promote the efforts of different charities (like WildAtLife, Ayushi Sharma and Orangutan Appeal UK and others) trying to make a difference.

Sustainability is all about improving the environmental surroundings of individuals and the communities they live in. At the same time, we strive relentlessly to improve the environmental performance of our processes throughout the supply chain.

As a European packing and logistic company, we firmly believe that the challenges around sustainability, offer substantial business opportunities and create value for our company and society as well.

We look at product development, its packaging and packing, but also at how to customize and control the logistic distribution system in the entire chain, throughout the various processing stages, to the recycling of residual materials or waste.

As a group, we are continuously looking where and how our activities can be done better or different. The group therefore developed a few sophisticated formulas which offer advantages for their own and to her relations altogether.

The advantages are:

  • Packing
  • Outsourcing
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution (Low storage- and transport-costs)
  • Purchase
  • Renting
  • The SYTO Group offers a wide range of assembly facilities
  • Core competence
  • Time to market (short passage times)

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