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Contribution for Refugees

Support for the "Dobry Zakątek" Foundation for refugees from Ukraine

Published on: January 30, 2023
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Syto’s donation to the Dobry Zakątek Foundation in 2022 is an example of the company’s commitment to supporting Ukrainian refugees. By providing the necessary accessories and personal hygiene items, Syto aimed to meet the immediate needs of people who have been displaced from their homes. The donation not only provided practical support, but also conveyed a message of compassion and solidarity to the refugee community.

The Dobry Zakątek Foundation plays a key role in providing shelter, assistance and a sense of belonging to Ukrainian refugees seeking security and stability. Syto’s contribution has helped increase the foundation’s ability to meet the diverse needs of the displaced people it serves.

By supporting the Dobry Zakątek Foundation, Syto shows that corporate social responsibility goes beyond business activity. stresses the importance of actively engaging in initiatives that contribute to the well-being of vulnerable groups in society, such as refugees. By providing essentials, Syto aims to alleviate the challenges faced by Ukrainian refugees and promote a better future for those seeking a fresh start.

Syto’s cooperation with the Dobry Zakątek Foundation reflects the company’s belief in the power of collective action and the importance of helping people who have been forced to leave their homes. Together, they work to create a more compassionate society that values the well-being and dignity of all individuals, regardless of their circumstances.

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Contribution for Refugees
Published on: January 30, 2023
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