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Published on: August 21, 2023
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I’ve worked as an external consultant with SYTO since 2015. Throughout these years, I have witnessed the company’s remarkable growth and transformation. It has evolved into a very professional entity, embracing new technologies, obtaining further certifications, refining processes, and restructuring operations, all aimed at enhancing its effectiveness and competitiveness.

I work in organizational and human development, and I’m really impressed with how SYTO invests in their people. One thing they do well is developing key skills. I’m especially happy about their focus on improving leadership and managerial skills, coaching, mentoring, as well as their dedication to refining interpersonal skills, communication and collaboration, to help people work better together.

A second area that stands out is how SYTO’s support talented individuals. This includes evaluating the potential of individuals, assessing their strengths and areas for enhancement, and help then spread their wings.

Lastly, I want to mention how SYTO’s owners are involved. Not all privately-owned companies do this, but they’re really open-minded. They made a journey to empower others and entrust them with decision-making responsibilities and they genuinely care about their people.

It’s been great to see how far they’ve come, and I it’s a pleasure to collaborate with them. I wish them all the best for the future!

Maja Tykałowicz


A very experienced HR leader. Maja has held HR director roles at MediaMarkt, Nivea Polska and, Kronospan, Harper Hygienics and ABWorld Foods. Maja was also Director of Talent Management, Learning & Development and Organizational Development at Kompania Piwowarska (SABMiller – Poland).

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